That Time I Met the Guy From Train

That Time I Met the Guy From Train

Okay, so you all know I lost a little over one hundred pounds using the Wii Fit.  If you don’t, there’s a link at the top of this page that will direct you to it. Well back when the story launched, I became VERY popular.  At that point it had only been sixty pounds but the Wii Fit was new so this was a huge story. I was interviewed by both local and national news channels and was featured in TV segments, radio interviews and had a ton of print press on how I did it and all that good stuff.

So one day I was asked to join our local Fox News morning show for some weird cooking segment that had absolutely nothing to do with the Wii Fit (I still talked about it but cooking?  Weird.) and being me I naturally said “Umm…Yes.” and a week later at six AM I was shuffled into the Fox headquarters to be prepped for my interview.

This is where it gets awesome.  Being completely vain and arrogant as I usually strive to be, I assumed I was the star of the show.  There I was sitting in the green room with this dude who I thought looked like a janitor who I assumed was put there to entertain me while I waited to be introduced.

Janitor guy and I chatted it up a bit and I thought he was super nice and when I was called on set he was still sitting on the couch so I thanked him for keeping me company and proceeded to go ahead with my interview.  Seconds after it was finished I was pushed in the back hurriedly and told I needed to get off set and out of the building as quickly as possible. I saw a crowd of people around the janitor hustling him on set and I jumped up and down asking why everyone was so interested in the janitor. I said it just like that.  The janitor.

I have never had anyone look at me the way the guy in front of me did.  I was clearly the dumbest person he had ever met. Pointing at the janitor sitting on the stage holding a children’s book was Pat Monahan, the lead singer from Train.  Pat was my janitor. I was SO PISSED. If I knew he was the singer of “Soul Sister” I would have been humping his leg or at least asking for a picture because I love the shit out of that song and have even sung it at karaoke a few times.  I can’t help jumping up and down squealing like a teenager every time I hear it.

So off I went, head hanging low because I was not in fact the star of the show and feeling like a total idiot for assuming the lead singer of train was a janitor sent to amuse me.

At least he succeeded!

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