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Someone From “New Girl” Loves “Saved By The Bell”

Someone From “New Girl” Loves “Saved By The Bell”


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Fun fact I’ve discovered in the one billion times I’ve watched “New Girl” – someone there loves “Saved By The Bell.”

This will be a super quick post, I just wanted to point out this Easter egg so the next time you’re watching this show you can take note of the little quirks the show has.

In season three, episode ten, “Thanksgiving III” the crew goes on a camping trip because Nick has issues with his masculinity and decides that the group needs to spend Thanksgiving foraging in the woods for their meal. While out “hunting”, Nick finds and captures a very dead fish. After realizing that the girls and Winston went to the store for vegetables Nick leaves the area in a huff. With Jess following, they have a conversation about his insecurities.

To alleviate those insecurities Jessica grabs that nasty fish and starts eating it, which leads her to becoming delirious and meandering through the woods. Upon those wanderings you will hear Jess mumble “A.C. Slater”, marking the first time “Saved By The Bell” gets a nod.

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In “New Girl” season four, episode six “Background Check” we all remember the meth but do you remember when Schmidt kept on asking Cece about her date with a fella named Paul? Schmidt had all sorts of issues with the name Paul until Cece said she had in fact dated Mark-Paul Gosselaar which for a moment Schmidt believed was true. Yet another nod to “Saved By The Bell.”

Finally, we have a special treat from “Saved By The Bell” by having an actual star of the show, Jessie (Elizabeth Berkley) who played Becky Cavatappi, Jessica’s principal after she returns from jury duty in season five, episode eleven “The Apartment” when Cece is moving out of her old apartment and into the loft to be with Schmidt.

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I’m on another run through of the show but as of now, these three nods are what I have discovered as a fun Easter egg to observe when watching “New Girl” – whether it be your first or tenth time watching the worlds best sitcom. What is your favorite “New Girl” episode? Have you discovered any fun Easter eggs you want me to write about? I have more treats headed your way in the coming posts. Stay tuned and feel free to contact me with comments or questions.

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