Random Tuesday Thoughts
Fresh Hair, I Suck At Taking Selfies, and Other Random Tuesday Thoughts

Fresh Hair, I Suck At Taking Selfies, and Other Random Tuesday Thoughts

Me before I got my hair done

Why is it when someone takes a picture of me I’m all cute and photogenic but when I take one of myself I look like my late grandfather when he was 92? Everyone is all about selfies, all I see is my big old Polish nose.

ANYWAY, that picture was taken before I went to get my hair cut and colored. Do I smile? Serious face? Are people still doing duck faces? Have I ever done a duck face? I had to have. I will say the picture of my “after” that my stylist took came out nicely (because someone else took it!)

Much better!

I got three inches cut off and I swear it feels so short.


Collagen peptides.

I started taking powdered Collagen peptides because I read it eliminates cellulite. That’s a straight lie. You might be able to eliminate some with diet and exercise but it’s mostly genetics. I’m in the best shape of my life and I still have it. I know I could dry brush but that sounds uncomfortable and it’s winter so I’ll worry about that come spring. What peptides DO do is make your hair and nails grow fast and healthy. There is a rumor they will also slow aging but since I still have cellulite I’m not keeping my hopes up there.

How was everyone’s New Year? Mine was a colossal disappointment as always. I set the bar too high (by too high I mean about six inches off the ground) I suppose. I won’t go into detail, let’s just say I was underwhelmed and leave it at that. F*ck 2020 and honestly, likely f*ck 2021 too. Let’s just go ahead and pre-write this one off.

How are y’all with your resolutions? Did you eat too much and are now scrambling to lose weight? I did not. I actually have some dieting tips if you need them. Being fit is kind of my jam. My sis Dee and I will be working out this afternoon in fact, she’s going to make me suffer and I love it.

Speaking of dieting tips (I segue this because I left a link for you to click on), I’ve obviously just now restarted blogging and holy crap how this world has changed! Gone are the days of personal blogging (which I am currently doing.) Now everyone seems to only be blogging about how to make money. SEO, monetizing, Pinterest – I read blog after blog and it’s all SUPER helpful info but I liked reading about everyone’s day-to-day and honestly, I’m interesting AF so while I’ll do my best to put worthwhile informative posts out with proper tags and all that jazz I’m going to do what I do best – bullshit my way though life. Sound cool?


While I find this humorous I’m actually nine years sober and went on a blind rant last week about how sometimes being sober is hard and I really just need a break from anything that involves alcohol for a while – friends who drink, bars, friends who drink at bars. I won’t stop posting memes though because they’re funny and some of you can relate.

Yeah, if I saw three cars at my house I would FOR SURE keep driving by because I have this weird hyper-anxiety about people being at my house. Damn shame, too, because it’s a big house and I could throw pretty awesome parties. I guess the whole me “hating alcohol and wanting nothing to do with it” would hinder that though. Maybe I can have a pizza party. Rent a bounce house. Oh wait – can’t – it’s a pandemic.


This is about all I have bouncing around my head today. For other Random Tuesday Thoughts go check out Stacy Uncorked. We go back a LONG time and she’s always entertaining. I love the shit out of that woman. Go give her some love.

What disappointed you this New Year’s Eve? What joy did you find if it didn’t disappoint you? Any family traditions I should steal from you? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments!

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      We are SO kindred spirits! I can’t take a decent selfie to save my life, but am all smiles and photogenic when someone else takes the pic. Except the hubby – he has polar opposite of a photographer’s eye…heh! We have the same sort of anxiety, too. No wonder we get along so well! 😉 I, too, miss the personal blogs – all the old digs we used to run into each other on have either disappeared altogether, or are all ads/promotions all the time. I miss the good old days of blogging! Sorry it took me so long to get over here – I promise I’ll hang out here way more often. 😉 Love you to pieces too!!!!!!!

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