Ode To Steven Segal

Ode To Steven Segal

Seven Segal, A.K.A. “The Ticker”, was Born to Raise Hell because he is A Dangerous Man.  The Keeper, The Patriot -The Glimmer Man, he was Out for Justice, On Deadly Ground and in Dark Territory.

Out for a Kill, he was A Mercenary armed only with a Machete to avenge his lost love, Clementine.  She was The Foreigner who tried to reach Into the Sun only to find herself Submerged into the Belly of the Beast, to the Fire Down Below.

Rumor has it he was once Pistol Whipped for making The Onion Movie.  The Shadow Man was Against the Dark – Driven to Kill. His Exit Wounds left him Half Past Dead but as luck would have it,  his Kill Switch was far enough Out of Reach for him to make the ultimate Executive Decision. He had no choice – he was Under Siege.

He was Marked for Death, yet Hard to Kill and Above the Law. During a Flight of Fury, the Attack Force known as “Urban Justice” said to him, “Today You Die, for it is the Black Dawn.”

***I initally wrote this when I was sixteen years old. It’s a story based solely on his movie titles. He has made about twenty more since then and while I COULD add to the story, I won’t, because I’m lazy af***


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