I’m Baaaack!

I’m Baaaack!

Hey Y’all! I’m back!

Damn it, I thought my nails were super cute but I forgot how hard it is to type with long nails. Farts.

How is everybody doing? For those of you who don’t know me (who am I kidding, you all know me, this is my first blog post in years and I am only publishing it on Facebook.) I am a 42 year old stay at home mother of two who “home schools” her kids. I say it in quotes because they do cyber school, much like going to college online only now it’s available for public school. Story for another day.

I like long walks on the beach (lies, I hate sand), staying up until six in the morning (truth, my circadian rhythm is a mess), and I haven’t touched a drink in eight years but I spend my nights unwinding with a large cup of water at my favorite pizza place (shout out to Empire Pizza in Rock Hill!)

I was a really successful blogger for years and caught some fame from a Wii Fit post I’ll be publishing again shortly so as to hopefully motivate some folks to get up off the couch to get fit in their living room but stopped due to personal reasons. After many moons the itch to write came back to me, I credit CBD. Why you ask? Let me tell you!

I’m bipolar af and about eight years ago was put on so many heavy medications I completely lost the ability to write. I even asked my doctor the day he prescribed them if I would become a useless zombie and he said most likely, but I wouldn’t want to die so I took the pills. After YEARS of chemicals I did some research (a post for another time) and came across CBD. I started taking that with some other vitamins I researched and am now off my antidepressant, take half of my bipolar meds, and 75% less sleeping pills and I daresay, my creativity may just be coming back (or not, I may suck at this.)

I’m still going to have to design this website (thanks Sionann!) and relearn how all this shit works but I have some decent stories to tell you of things past (stories I’m sure I’ve told before but I want them on record on the internet for all the world to see), and I seem to have an adventure every day (I legit just saw a bear about an hour ago) so hopefully you follow me on Facebook and come back here to see what nonsense I’m posting. Even if you don’t like it that’s fine (no it isn’t, lie to me and say it’s good I’m very sensitive), I’m here for my own viewing pleasure.


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