How I Lost 100 Pounds Using the Nintendo Wii Fit

How I Lost 100 Pounds Using the Nintendo Wii Fit

How I lost 100 pounds

I used to be a skinny girl.  I loved being a skinny girl. When I got pregnant with my first I weighed 126 pounds.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t a buffet that could keep me down. I was a power eater. I just didn’t get full.  I’d only stop eating when I was sick of chewing the food.

My Life B.K. (Before Kids)

My Life B.K. (Before Kids)

I ended that pregnancy at 178 pounds and was furious with myself.  It was assumed I could eat all I want and it’d just fall right off when I had the baby.  I even nursed him a full year and was excited because I heard nursing is a workout in itself.  Well not for me. I was starving. Those extra calories I burned producing milk led me back to the buffet.  I was weak with hunger and because of this, my weight stayed up.

Shoot forward 2 years and I’m gearing up for my second child.  I start this pregnancy at 160 pounds. Not too intent on losing the weight since I knew I was planning this pregnancy, I told myself I’d watch what I ate and exercise daily. Then I’d deliver and *POOF* – I’d be skinny.

7 months pregnant with Jake

7 months pregnant with Jake

In the Beginning

I started off great,  and was really paying attention to my body.  I got my husband to get me a treadmill, swearing I’d walk daily and get in shape.  Wrong. I was so sick my first trimester I could barely get out of bed. I lost touch with my friends and neglected my poor toddler.  It was all I could do to get out of bed and drag myself to the couch. My husband called in to work to take care of Jake when he just couldn’t sit around watching TV anymore.

Once the second trimester came around and I started feeling better, the hunger from the first pregnancy revisited itself.  I won’t go into detail but I came out of it at a whopping 220 pounds. I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror. This time, the motivation was for real.

The ONLY picture I ever allowed taken (205 pounds)

The ONLY picture I ever allowed taken (205 pounds and only 7 months pregnant )

I knew it was time to make a change

So I started the South Beach Diet and really got to working out.  Really. There was a great workout video I loved and had worked for me in the past.  I did this all religiously for a few weeks and didn’t lose a pound. My knees hurt from the high impact aerobics and I started to lose hope.  Then came the Wii Fit.

I hadn’t ever heard of Nintendo’s Wii Fit.  We already had a Wii and I loved the interaction it provided my family.  Our team bowling was a blast. One day, my husband emailed me the link to the Wii Fit and tells me he thinks it would work for me.  I’m not competitive, but with my husband I have to win. We decided to get it and see who can achieve their goals first. His to gain and mine to lose.

Let me tell you, the first five minutes I stepped on the Wii Fit balance board, I was motivated.  If any of you are familiar with the Wii, you know that you have the ability to create a likeness of yourself, known as a “Mii.”  I loved my little Mii. She was tall, Blond and skinny. Imagine my surprise when I boldly stepped on the balance board my first day to get my weight and BMI assessment and my skinny little Mii starts swelling as the scale charts my weight.  Suddenly I have a chunky Mii and my BMI was way above where it should be.


My husband went straight to the strength training but that all bored me.  I wanted to play games. I tried out every single game and played them all until I unlocked them in the advanced levels.  Each day I’d log in and get weighed and that scale started to move. All I was doing was playing games. I was floored. Soon, I was so good at these games I thought I’d try the yoga and strength sections.

Now, to this day I still can’t balance without being next to the wall, but eventually I devised my own workout routine and it really worked for me.  My joints weren’t sore and my body started to change. Over the next few months, I dropped down to 160 pounds!

4 Months After I started Wii Fit, Size 12

4 Months After I started Wii Fit, Size 12 (Singing Karaoke)

I am the last person to think you could actually lose weight playing video games, but I did it.  Also, I live for my Wii Fit. I brag about my Wii Fit and I know I’ve been the cause of dozens people I know purchasing the Wii Fit.  When I travel out of town and can’t be with it, I do the exercises from memory or play as a guest on someone else’s.   For the first time in years, I weigh less than my husband.

Finally, I’ve found something that motivates me to work out. Your ‘coach’ in the game will notice if you skip a day and will say something to you about it.  Its a home gym and more. There’s rhythm boxing, tightrope walking and Yoga. You’ll know if your Yoga pose it right, because the balance board makes you center yourself and tells you where you need to be.

I’m fit using the Wii Fit and I’m glad.  I don’t have many photos of myself immediately after pregnancy with either child, which is why I posted me pregnant.  I didn’t want to get in front of the camera. In fact, the few I posted here I didn’t want taken but was talked into it.  No one has ever been shown these photos, I only put them in to illustrate my progress.

This is more than  a product review, this is simply how I changed my life.  After years of failing workouts and miserable diets, the Wii Fit in combination with a healthy diet gave me the means necessary to achieve my goals.  I don’t even have to use the low carb diet anymore. I trained myself to control my portions and I’ve never felt healthier. Like my brother told me- “I fit, you fit, Wii Fit“.

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